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Shoot Argentina  We opened in 1997 to provide boutique production services in Film, Photo & TV productions nowdays  we continue with the same philosophy.

We work inside "Ladoble"  in Argentina  and in "La Productora"  in Uruguay . 

We provide tailored services. We attend to every detail.  

We are small and take good care of your project & your budget. 


Why Argentina & Why Uruguay?

Buenos Aires is lively, vibrant cosmopolitan & fun.

Weather turnaround. This means summer at Christmas and snow in July ! 

Buenos Aires is a huge with a bit of Europe, a bit of NY immersed in a lot of local colour.

Montevideo is a lovely small city with beach and many european looking areas . France Italy or Spain can also be found in Montevideo. Punta del Este and its amazing beaches and countryside  always attract world wide productions aswell.

Talent in Buenos Aires is mostly of European descent  with a long standing acting tradition  we also have a pool of talent of great diversity in Montevideo. 

Crews are formed by bilingual technicians who have worked with the most demanding directors from all over the word. We have highly experienced FX teams.  

Natural Locations. We have beaches close to Buenos Aires & in Uruguay, Patagonia with its glaciers, lakes and mountains. We have skiing resorts & deserts. Never ending flat country side with wheat, corn and many other crops in our Pampas. Salt lakes, colorful Andean mountain landscapes & the stunning Iguazu Falls in the north. In short we have wonderous landscapes of all kinds and vast wilderness. Uruguay shares our European flavour and its gorgeous coastline provides great alternatives depending on your needs. For some projects it may be a better option. We are able to bid in both countries, compare costs and recommend the best option.


Featured Work

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Julián Vella

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